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Thai Lottery and Other Stories, by Matt Carrell
About Thai Lottery

A collection of stories set in Pattaya, Thailand. Buy the book here:

Thai Lottery -
Sarai owes a great deal of money having fallen foul of an illegal Lottery scheme, Richard is gambling everything on finding what's missing in his life. How far will each of them go to get what they are looking for?

and the Other Stories from Pattaya, Thailand:

The 52 week millionaire - Charles has everything he could need in a material sense, but there are some things money cannot buy.

The Queen of Pineapples - Dieter has found exactly what he is looking for, but still has time to deliver a lesson in respect.

The Birds And The Beers - Phil is the schoolteacher who flees England to indulge a private passion, but is the only bar owner in Pattaya oblivious to the women around him.

Lights, Camera, Action - Alain discovers that Thailand is a country with few boundaries, but there are painful consequences for those who cross the few that exist. Paolo pays the price for an unconsummated passion.

“Same Mama Not Same Papa”- Boo is just trying to protect her little sister, whilst the Munchener Bahnhof Golf Society tackles the big philosophical questions of the day.

West Ham vs Tottenham – Pattaya style - Terry and Steve discover the "Beer Paradox" and the only girl in Pattaya who doesn't want any more to drink.

Family Values - Chas and Tom visit Pattaya for very different reasons but both get to learn about Thai family loyalty.

Nice uniform, but what about my granny? - Franz and George replay the oldest rivalry in Europe from the relative safety of their Pattaya bar stools.

The Healer From The North - Stuart knows exactly how to get what he wants in life, but it doesn't seem to be nearly enough. Mon has a secret and a very special gift.

Crazy Medicine - Mam has to decide just how far she will go to avenge the death of a young girl and that of her husband more than two decades earlier. Read this story here

Eat your heart out, Nicole Kidman - Clay and Emily meet for only a few minutes but it is an encounter which changes both of their lives in a way that neither ever imagined.

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The book features a fictional web-forum called If you are looking for a real Pattaya forum try this one:

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